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Jonathan Fricke is a mobile web/app developer and brand specialist in Pearland, Texas.

He is a father of two, a husband of one and an all-in-wonder brand machine.


A few clients that I've rocked killer brand campaigns with

  • Ford

  • AXA

HTML5 / CSS3 Development

HTML5 CSS3 Development

HTML5 and CSS3 are some of the hottest growing web development platforms backed by many of the IT titans. It brings with it incredible web browsing experience so much so that every web pundit today predicts that, in a few years down the line, HTML5 will revolutionize the web world.

New Media Branding

Brand Development

How does new media work for the brands, businesses and non-profits with whom everyone doesn’t already have a seemingly-innate association? Social media primarily increases familiarity with who they are and what they do. Rather than enforcing their brand’s identity, they’re creating their brand’s identity.

Mobile App Development

App Development

My mobile application development philosophy is simple: produce stellar and innovative apps that are designed and developed to enhance user experience, engage your customers, and build your mobile brand.