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It’s summer time!  That, of course, means more time outdoors and more toys strewn about the backyard.  This summer, I’m trying to take back my yard from wandering toys by making something that my son might actually use to keep his toys in place when he’s done with them. I was convinced I could make something that was not too complicated and relatively inexpensive using  a little PVC and shock cord.  I opted for a 3′ x 5′ PVC cube that would be lined on the sides with slightly taught cabling.  This is the look at the PVC toy box final result:

Here’s what you’re going to need to put one of these together:


I snagged all the material at Lowe’s mainly because I wanted to try their new in-store pickup. Overall, it was a pretty good experience. You could tell they new at it as my order hadn’t been put together yet, despite placing the order 45 minutes before arriving. They were very quick about getting it together once I got there. Took no more than 5 minutes, tops.

The first thing I did, after cutting the PVC piping, was to build a prototype of the completed box. Other than a crudely drawn sketch, this idea existed solely in my head and I had to make sure that it would come together as expected.

Summer Toy Box - Building the base
Summer Toy Box - Base with Corners
Summer Toy Box - The Cube
Summer Toy Box - Tools
Summer Toy Box - Drilling Setup
Summer Toy Box - PVC Stubble
Summer Toy Box - Dremel Away PVC Stubble
Summer Toy Box - PVC Stubble Removed

Time to assemble and thread!

Summer Toy Box - Assemble and Thread
Summer Toy Box - Keep Threading Cord

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