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How to open up an iPod can be confusing for many.  Just have patience and follow along closely.

To open the iPod, I used two “tools.” An exacto knife and one of those fake Credit Cards that are delivered almost weekly via unsolicited junk mail. You can probably use a regular credit/atm card, but I opted for the fake one because I had it handy. I also read about people using guitar picks.

Before you start prying apart the iPod

Don’t do anything just yet. Please be sure to put the player on “Hold” because you will inevitably be tapping the wheel along the way.

iPod Repair: Opened EdgesTo start the opening, I put the exacto knife blade between the top of the iPod and the back casing and pried it open just enough to slide the credit card in between the front and back casing. Once you get the credit card snugly in place, slide the card around the iPod, loosening the edges.

With the edges separated you can now slowly (and I do want to stress SLOWLY) take the two main pieces apart. Take your time in doing this because there is a ribbon that you’ll need to disconnect and you don’t want to run the risk of tearing it.

Using the exacto knife, I slid up the fastener that holds the battery ribbon in place. The fastener is located on the circuit board at the bottom of the pod. Mine was brown in color, but yours may be different.

iPod Repair: The GutsOnce the ribbon was disconnected from the circuit board, I could lay the two pieces side by side and get a better feel for what I was dealing with. I feel a little surprised to say that the makeup of an iPod really isn’t all that fascinating. I’m not too sure why, but I thought I was going to be more impressed/confused with the internal workings. They are nothing more than a hard drive + motherboard + screen with 3 wired connections. Cake.

iPod Repair: Hard Drive connectionI disconnected the HD and headphone ribbons by using the techniques from the iFixItGuide. Basically, you disconnect the HD by sliding the ribbon fastener down and the headphone ribbon by sliding the fastener up.

With all of the parts separated from each other, I let them sit in a dry area for about 5 days.

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