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Reader’s Digest version of the last 34 years of my life starts….now!

From Nashvegas to H-townI was born in Nashville, TN and my family soon moved to Austin, TX. When I was 3 my folks decided to move to Houston and we have stayed put since then. After high school I went off to Texas A&M to get a degree in MIS.

I decided on MIS because I started working the web after my neighbor showed me how he was trading bootleg Bob Dylan tapes through this crazy thing called “email”. I was hooked. It was not long after that, around 1996, that I started learning HTML to build sites.

Bootlegs!  Huzzah!I have always loved new media and after graduating I took a job with Anadarko doing new media projects. Anadarko sent me to a facility to learn advanced ColdFusion/Director techniques and eventually I ended up leaving Anadarko to becoming a full time trainer, because I loved the training environment so much.

Teaching and working with bleeding-edge technologies has always been a passion of mine. I became an Adobe Authorized instructor for almost every software package that they offered so that I could teach everything I could.Profile - Adobe Authroized The only thing that full time training didn’t allow for was actual project development and I was desperately missing building real world applications. I was constantly thinking of personal projects to work on and I would sometimes end up buying domains instead of lunch!

Startin' it up!I decided to reduce my role at the training center and start my own agency, Lansun + Scott, in 2003. Since going on my own I have completed over 300 projects and have worked with a wide array of clients ranging from Lloyd’s of London to small local businesses. I do still tremendously enjoy teaching and most recently I have been teaching at University of Houston, but stopped last semester as the work load of a hosting a college class combined with the agency workload proved to be too much.

One of my favorite recent projects was creating proprietary software for the Canadian School system. I created software that was delivered via a USB drive built entirely in Adobe AIR with a SQLite database for the backend. The project was ideal as it combined my love of teaching with cutting edge technology.

Thank you for taking the time to read this quick bio and looking at this site.