Using SMTP relay via Office365 in Rails apps

First you’ll need to add your production box IP address to Exchange Connector

Example URL:

Then add the following to application production.rb

and boom! your Rails app will start sending emails through Office 365.

Nginx setup with SSL on Ruby app running Passenger

Once you’ve got your certs all setup you can add an entry to /etc/nginx/sites-available and then symlink it to /etc/nginx/site-enabled

An example snippet below:


Automating Hamilton input files using Ruby

I’m meeting with Adan from Hamilton today to review the automated output from our LIMS that will serve as the input for the Hamilton machine we’re running.

We’re going to be doing most of our testing on 384 well plate.

The constraints of the SOP and the optimization of the Hamilton tip travel time made for a unique blend of puzzle pieces.

Looking forward to seeing it go!