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Resurrecting the iPod

Resurrecting the iPod requires waiting for the parts to air out.

 I started by reconnecting the headphone ribbon to the circuit board and then the hard drive to the circuit board. Before connecting the battery ribbon, I decided to try and power up the iPod by connecting it to the computer just to see what would happen.

There was no shrieking and the screen was actually trying to communicate something! Score!

I don’t remember exactly what it was (because it vanished so quickly) but it was something along the lines of:

Battery dangerously low! DO NOT DISCONNECT.

Naturally, the pod thought the battery was low because it wasn’t connected. But the fact that the screen was working gave me hope. I connected the battery ribbon and then reconnected the iPod to the computer. And like a shot to the gut, the high pitch noise returned and nothing displayed on the screen.

So this is what I know at this point:

  • Screen – working
  • HD – unknown
  • Battery – dead

I decide to check on prices for iPod batteries and they are nowhere near as expensive as I thought they were going to be. I picked one up (plus free iPod opening tools) for about $15 at iFixIt’s store. I picked the 4-7 shipping but the battery got here in 3 days. Sweet.

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