Lansun + Scott [re]started.

Lansun + Scott was a fictitious company name that I came up with for a business case competition in college. We were a team of 4 that had to come up with a unique, low-cost solution for a fledging IT company that had been issued a death sentence by its crippling network infrastructure.

In our presentation and analysis, we must have done something right because we took second place in the competition, resulting in an “A” in our class as well as a job offer from TXU! It was pretty cool!

That was seven years ago. But the thought of making Lansun + Scott a reality had always been with me. It was during a conversation, over a few beers with Alex, that I realized I needed to at least try and give the whole entrepreneurial thing a real shot or I should just go ahead and stop renewing the domain every year.

I decided to give it a go. Continue reading