The virtual tourist

Today I had the absolute pleasure of meeting with, which is most definitely one of the hippest, bleeding-edge tourism sites that I have ever surfed upon.

Not only do they have daily streaming Flash video weather updates, but they also have podcasts and maps of Galveston for your iPod.

They also shoot quite a bit of video around Galveston and they’re doing it all in HD! YES! After the shoot, they’re pumping the video into their podcasts, Flash Video Player and (are you ready for this?) Second Life! How awesome is that?

My MMORPG experience is fairly limited to WoW but after seeing the world they’ve constructed (it looks just like Galveston!), I’m seriously considering making the switch to see what life is like as a Second Life citizen.

If you have some time, I would definitely recommend spending some time to check out the site and see all this cool stuff!

RSS: Really Sweet Stuff

Today I became convinced that RSS is one of the greatest technologies that may never be.

For someone who might not be familiar with the concept of RSS feeds, they basically break down like this. Think of a single page on the internet as being nothing more than: a name (title), location (url), and content.

So, when sites constantly generate new pages, such as:

  • a news article
  • an item on ebay
  • a missed connection on Craigslist

you may want to stay up to date on that info. That is to say, you want to know the new page name, location and content.

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