Yoast SEO site name appears twice when using Warp 6

Warp 6 head.php details

Yoast SEO is a phenomenal plugin for WordPress. It is an SEO tool that can rewrite your site page titles on the fly (in addition to a smattering of other SEO goodies). However, when using the Warp Framework, the Yoast SEO site name may output twice in your page title. This is a result of the Warp framework outputting the site name before it outputs wp_title();  To get rid of the first instance of the site name in your page title you need to alter the following  file:

\wp-content\themes\dryer\warp\systems\wordpress\layouts\head.php at line 6:

<?php bloginfo('name'); ?><?php wp_title(); ?>

Remove the first php element so that it doesn’t output the blog name. As such, line 6 of head.php now reads:

<?php wp_title(); ?>

That’s it! Hope it helps