Switching to OS X

I’ve always been a huge fan of *nix and Windows. I even went so far as to construct a hackintosh once (it was unbearably slow).  I know so many folks that adore their Macs, yet I’ve never been particularly drawn to them before.  That said, after just one day of use, I now believe the hype.

Sure, I prefer my phones to be of the Android flavor, but I’m not fanboy enough to deny how snappy and powerful this machine is. So many hours of coding to come!

Chatting with Companion Dx

Going in today to meet with a start-up genetics company! I was so fascinated with genetics in high school (eye color, hair color, tongue curling [wut?], etc..), I never imagined that I might be working the field some day.

I had to google what a “LIMS” was before I went in. Turns out you can’t find a solid definition of it on the internet, but the mutually agreed idea is that it stands for “Laboratory Information Management System”.

UPDATE: Had an absolute ball meeting with Tyler and Daniel. I’m heading back in two days to meet more of the executive team.