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Did a client just deliver some FLVs but you have no way of viewing them? It happens.

In fact, it just recently happened to a buddy a mine. He sent me an email essentially asking “How can I view an FLV file?” The quick answer is: you need to create a Flash file that uses the FLVPlayback component and that component should point to the FLV that you want to load.

After a quick googling, I found several articles that explained ways to build a viewer and a few open source options that required a download. But, I was unable to find a simple solution where you could just point to the FLV (on a web server) and view it. The solution: build one.

The result: I whipped up a very simple FLV Viewer that allows you to paste a URL to a FLV file, click “Load and Play,” and watch.

So go ahead and check out the simple FLV Viewer. Hopefully this helps someone out!

Quick note, if you’re having issues running FLVs from your server, be sure that you’ve set the MIME type on the server accordingly. You can read about configuring your server for FLVs from Adobe.

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  1. Thanks! I’m glad to hear that you find the FLV Viewer useful.

    I checked out your blog and read that you referenced it, but because I am not as fluent in Spanish as I wish I was, and Google Translation didn’t really help, I couldn’t quite make out what you were saying.

    I’ll certainly never charge for the FLV Viewer and would only want people to visit the site sponsors if they find them useful.

    Thanks for the comment!