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My iPod got drenched in the rain and it would not respond to any interaction with the wheel. The only thing it would do is light up the screen with a dull white light and shriek this really high pitch frequently endlessly, but that was only if it was plugged in to the computer.  The goal of this article is to show you how to fix your iPod after getting it soaked in water.

I had no idea what to do other than blame the whole Steve Jobs wants you to buy an iPod once a year thing. I mean, seriously, shouldn’t the iPod be waterproof?

I figured the only possible things I could do were:

Naturally, I decided to open it up.

A quick search on led me to Repair Guides for iPods, which is a pretty rad site that is dedicated to helping you repair your iPods and other Apple stuff. It was by using their site that I was able to resurrect my iPod.

DISCLAIMER: First, you need to understand that opening up your iPod will most definitely void the warranty. So, if you don’t want to void your warranty do not do any of this. Instead, just ship your damaged item to Apple for repairs.

The first thing I tried to do was open up the iPod and let it dry out for a few days. What I did next is broken down into 3 different steps.

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  1. Impressive. I have a love-hate with iPods. I am addicted to mine, but I think iTunes is not user-friendly at all. But what do I know?

  2. Why was that account so riveting? I felt like slapping high fives after reading it.

    I think I would cry if my iPod broke, gently at first, but then with big sobs.

  3. I’ve managed to open mine up, but my issue is a stuck hold button. That is, the button slides back and forth but the lock icon still appears on the screen. I popped it open and am now afraid that it wont change anything as I can’t see how to change the way the hold button is working.

    Any suggestions?

  4. Excellent help, I left the wife’s I-Pod next to an open window and it got rained on, Blank screen no life even when plugged in. I took it apart following the linked guide and let it dry, just plugged it in and it lives again. Which is good, because I sure was in trouble before.

    • i have tried puting it in a bag of rice for a week or two and that seems to work, one of my cousins did this too but theirs was a bit longer before it started to work again good luck

  5. hey i was canoeing in a small lake and my friend dumped the canoe and my ipod was soaked, i read your instructions but i dont think i want to try cuz i think that will break it so what should i do?

  6. Thank you soooooo much for writing this! The same thing happened to me and I was devistated. I followed your instructions and it worked! 80 gigs of music and ancient loveline episodes saved!

  7. I have one question, it’s important, cause I have the same problem. Did your memory get erased?(did you lost all your files?)

  8. Ali, no my memory did not get erased. Thankfully, it was all still there when the iPod finally came back on. Be very careful about doing this as you will void any warranty on your iPod once you open it up.

  9. Got a 4G nano. Listening to it in the shower via a FM radio transmitter. Suddenly, the Ipod jumps off my stereo into my toilet. About 45 seconds later I had it out of the water. It has sat and dried for a pretty long time but I have since found out there will be no replacing it. I plugged it into my PC today and my library is still there, and it seems to work, but the clickwheel and does not function. Is there anything that can be done about the clickwheel?

  10. THank you so much! My Ipod fell and the back fell off. I had no idea what to do, so i just threw the back on. It played but i couldn’t hear anything. i followed the lesson on opening the back and saw that my connections were off and repalced them, now my Ipod is all working and i didn’t even pay a dollar to fix it. thanks

  11. u have no idea; i was on a feild trip last Thursday and we were at the beach so i decided i’d put my ipod touch in my bag. And what do you no but just my drink canteen opened up and the water went all over it and in it. Now when i turn it on it is just a plain white screen. I am really upset- my ipod is like my life (seriously). If you have any suggestions on what i could do to fix it i’d be really grateful. It is a first generation ipod touch soooo yeah thanks.

  12. you know ipods can be made water proof and A LOT more damage resistant than they really are but thanks to “obsolete manufacturing” nothing is made that way =/

  13. My iPod was rained while I was biking over a year ago… I decided today to lock myself inside and work till it was fixed! I cracked the case and discovered the battery ribbon was corroded… I wiped it off and closed it up and… Magic! It works!!!

  14. i just left my ipod in the rain and im freaked it will be broken. to scared to turn it on. I cant do the above cause its a chromatic and im not nearly smart enough!

  15. My Ipod jumped off my toilet tank into water..i put it out in the sun to dry n it worked after two hours but there was a problem …..the background light was not working….i tried drying it even further but it did not come back yet….any suggestions or advice????please i cant even see my music files during daytime..its please

  16. My iPod recently went through the wash, and I don’t know if the soap might damage it more, by I might try this method, hopefully I wont screw up! LOL

  17. Well… this was a nice read.. except that my IPOD is soaked in COKE. 🙁 the bottle leaked and my handbag was full, and the ipod was swimming in it…….
    The ipod was a gift,,, I can’t even get one for myself now… And this was just minutes back.
    IT’s 40DegC here so i guess keeping the ipod on my desk will dry it up.

    I have IPOD NANO.. so I can’t open it the way you did… what can i do? :'(

    THanks in advance….

  18. hi there, looked at your guide and just wondering does this work with the new Apple iPod Nano 8GB?? your reply will be greatly appreciated

  19. My husband drop the iPod in the water and it took it out right away, but the next day i didn’t know what happen to it, so i try turning it on and it was working but all the sudden it just went dead. What should i do? Please need your help it my husband friend iPod and she doesn’t know her iPod it not working.. It 4G nano.. Thanks

  20. So after fishing my ipod nano out of the toilet it seems to work okay but I can’t seem to charge it. It keeps telling me to connect to a power source. After leaving it plugged in for a while it said charged, but as soon as I disconnect it tells me to connect to power again. Any saving the batter and/or can the battery be replaced?

  21. HELP! I was on the bus listening to my iPod and put it in my coat pocket. When I got home, I put my coat in the washing machine… and forgetting about my iPod!!! Now when I try to turn it on, nothing happens. WHAT SHOULD I DO?!?! Should I just screw this whole thing and buy a new
    4th generation iPod? Or can this be fixed…?

  22. Another way to fix the broken software of an ipod is to upload main course g-data to the pod via a very common
    f-21 drive download main compatibility software from the c-541 drive to your main H-2223 port. Wala. your done. easy as pie.

  23. Are you sure the original battery needed to be replaced? Sometimes it can just take up to 30 minutes for the battery to get enough charge to allow the device to operate without being plugged in.

  24. My wife washed my ipod nano through the washing machine. I figured it was dead but didn’t throw it out. About two months later, I plugged it into the computer, and it came back to life. I don’t know how long that will last, but there is hope for all drowned ipods.

  25. My ipod is an Ipod touch and I don’t know what to do. I put it in my coat pocket and miss placed it outside and I couldn’t find it for a week. When I found my coat it was soaked and I could not see the screen. After a few days I found out that my brother had put my ipod in my mothers coffee. Now it won’t turn on at all. What should I do?

  26. hii,my itouch(2g) is not working, the screen is dimly lit (the start screen where you slide to open ur itouch) & there’s no response plz can u help me solve this issue plzz!!!!

  27. i was in a pool and had my iPod touch in my pocket and jump in and jump out because i just know that something was in my pocket it was my ipod it got all wight and wont work should i go repair it

  28. My brother did the exact same thing as you. We were so angry and thought it would never turn on again. There was water in the screen and I thought we should stick the Itouch in the ear cupboard where it’s all warm and it dried out most of the water and then with in a few days the water dissappeared but it still didn’t turn on so I suggested to put it on charge and funny enough it started charging and turned on as normal. The only thing was his cameras on it doesn’t work anymore but apart from that everything’s fine! Give it a go


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